Bekah Hinojosa

Bekah Hinojosa is an artist & organizer from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas and is currently working part time with the Sierra Club. She contributed to the report released on 18 October 2022 on worldwide finance supporting the gas industry in Texas.

Bekah Hinojosa works with her community and others along the Texas coastline to stop oil & gas export projects that would harm people of color and Indigenous populations. She is inspired by building art with people of all ages.

Bekah is fighting against the projects: Rio Grande LNG (NextDecade), Rio Bravo Pipeline (Enbridge), Valley Crossing Pipeline (Enbridge), Texas LNG (Glenfame Group, Texas LNG, Samsung Engineering Co.). The Valley Crossing Pipeline is also called Nueces-Brownville pipeline.

The Rio Grande LNG Contracts: ENGIE SA, Exxon Mobil LNG Asia Pacific, Shell NA LNG LLC, China Gas Hongda Energy Trading Co Ldt, ENN LNG (Singapore) Pte Ldt, Guangdong Energy Group Natural Gas Co Ldt. and Guangdong Energy Group Co., Ldt. 

Main Banks who are backing the Rio Grande Valley LNG export projects: Macquarie Capital, Société Générale, Credit Suisse

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