The Tour

A two weeks long tour in western Europe to talk about the cost of fracking and the
need to stop the gas expansion everywhere.


October 24th

October 24th - "Meeting with the Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Rights’ team at CETIM - Meeting with Stop Corporate Impunity and Mapuche Delegation"


October 25th

October 25th - "Connection with local struggle against a new fracking project in Vaud Canton: - Creation of a mural - Press conference - Public event discussion and screening of the film « Le prix du gaz » by Orane Burri"


October 26th & 27th

October 26th - "Meetings with MPs - Public event" October 27th - Meeting with SNB


October 29th

October 29th - Meeting with local anti-fracking activists


October 31th & November 1st

October 31th - Meetings with Barclays November 1st - "Meetings with MPs - Meeting with HSBC" November 2nd - Meeting with journalists


November 3rd & 4th

November 3rd - Meetings with MPs at the National Assembly November 4th - "Meetings with banks and gas expansion investors Press conference" November 5th - Public event

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